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The C.O.RE Loop:
Communicate, Observe, Reflect

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Sensing all learning environments, within or beyond the classroom

Everyday, educators make hundreds or thousands of micro-observations that are uncatalogued and unrecognised. Yet, these represent moments of their students’ holistic development. If we can capture all these moments, we can get a fuller picture of every students’ growth.

HoloTracker helps educators capture these micro-observations in a fun and easy way. We produce comprehensive reports that reduce administrative workload for all educators.

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Capture whole-person qualities in every moment

HoloTracker makes capturing moments simple and rewarding.

Using a framework of your choice, log your observations in two taps.

This can be an end-of-day reflection exercise, or something you do on the fly. With speed capture, you can also capture the most crucial information to edit and process later on.

Working as a team, HoloTracker combines the efforts of your entire school to capture and convey multiple angles of holistic development in all your students.

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Share meaningful insights

HoloTracker helps you tell authentic stories. 

With all the data you captured, you can recall moments with ease or, better yet, use any of our in-built analytics to communicate holistic development in real time.

You can also export data into comprehensive reports (coming soon) for parent-teacher meetings or team reviews.

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Review progress formatively, step-by-step

HoloTracker accompanies you in your own holistic development, too.

We provide you with tools that chart your progress. Using our Reflect mode, you can gamify your journey to make holistic development as rewarding as possible.

Keep pace with your observations and review your pedagogy in a timely manner together with your teaching team.

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Fully customisable frameworks

HoloTracker supports any framework, because we believe there are many paths to a destination.

Use any framework of choice – your school’s, the Big Five, the OECD’s, or the HoloMap.

Want more?
Customise and share your own context specific frameworks for schools, extra-curricular activities, sports, music, art, hobbies, the list is endless.