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How HoloTracker
Accompanies You

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Sensing all learning environments, within or beyond the classroom

Everyday, educators make hundreds or thousands of micro-observations that are uncatalogued and unrecognised. Yet, these represent moments of their students’ holistic development. If we can capture all these moments, we can get a fuller picture of every students’ growth.

HoloTracker helps educators capture these micro-observations in a fun and easy way. We produce comprehensive reports that reduce administrative workload for all educators.

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Every educator’s
step 1

Great teachers just seem to notice all the bits of human behavior that we miss out.

They can tell you, instinctively, when someone is “a little off” or “feeling extremely confident”. This is because these great teachers have mastered the art of observation.

As human beings, we naturally sense and make meaning of things around us. When we seek to observe intentionally, we begin to appreciate qualities like empathy, resilience or creativity in our students and peers. We even adopt some of these qualities ourselves! Observation is the foundation of holistic education.

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with authenticity

“Did that really happen?”

How many times have we met with this familiar phrase while speaking with parents, students or our peers? For too long, parent-teacher meetings have been an anxiety-inducing experience on both ends. Short of day-long meetings and report writing to form the right stories for the occasion, there has never been a suitable prop that enables deep, holistic conversations.

HoloTracker eases these conversations by providing you with the tool to capture moments that uncovers insights, enabling the writing of holistic reports, and acts as a visual prop for storytelling. These enrich your relationships with all stakeholders in a child’s growth.

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Adapt your classes
with real evidence

Adjusting our lessons to fit our students’ needs can feel like a shot in the dark:

Go with what has been done by others before, or do something we feel is radically different. Yet, adapting and personalising our approaches can be evidence-based.

Using HoloTracker provides you with evidence to affirm or challenge your gut feelings about your class. Our analytics, driven by your input, provides substantive information to make the necessary adjustments. For instance, we point you to who you may need to pay more attention to, or which values thrive in your classes.

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Fully customisable frameworks

HoloTracker supports any framework, because we believe there are many paths to a destination.

Use any framework of choice – your school’s, the Big Five, the OECD’s, or the HoloMap.

Want more?
Customise and share your own context specific frameworks for schools, extra-curricular activities, sports, music, art, hobbies, the list is endless.