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A tech product led by
real educators and professionals

We started HoloTracker as a passion project, to solve challenges that we faced ourselves.
We built it to be a tool that we would be proud to use.

Why we started HoloTracker

“Despite the renewed renewed push to focus more on holistic education, progress has been limited and it too often takes a backseat to academic assessments.”

We are motivated by our desire to enable children to grow into their full potential.

HoloTracker was created out of a growing dissatisfaction in trying to adequately capture and articulate student holistic, or non-academic, progress.

While traditional academic assessments are reasonably accurate, they are limited in their scope and use. When it comes to substantiating whole-student development, other methods such as end-of-term teacher surveys, are onerous and laden with cognitive biases.

We decided to find a better solution. HoloTracker provides educators with a simple yet powerful tool to capture micro-observations that uncover insights substantiating holistic education, and make evidence-based holistic education a reality.

HoloTracker helps educators foster an environment where students are recognised and valued as individuals; and supported, based on their own unique qualities and needs.

HoloTracker is easy to use, and easy to deploy, individually or at scale. Our vision is for HoloTracker to become universally accessible, and holistic education to benefit all.

Meet The Team

Education and Business

Tom Collin

Koh Chen Chen

drtan (1)

Dr Tan Hui Leng

Ng Aik Yang

huang (1)

Khoo Teng Huang


Tey Jun Hong

Loh KC

Tham Wai Kin

Sumer B