Our mission is to make holistic education a reality.

The world is rapidly evolving and there is an increased urgency for us to develop the “whole-person”.

In order to do so, schools and workplaces need to focus on the human skills: 21st century competencies, social emotional wellbeing, et cetera.

Yet, we do not have a way to capture and communicate these whole-person qualities. If you ask a teacher “how is my child doing in mathematics?” they would comfortably refer to grades and milestones. However, if you were to ask “how is my child doing with creativity, empathy or critical thinking?”, they are left with no easy- and, crucially, authentic- way to answer.

In truth, articulating holistic development can be tough work. It is arduous, time-consuming and often not immediately rewarding. Teachers and professionals tell us they are overwhelmed with daily tasks and reports, without the freedom to do what they do best: mentor their students meaningfully.

Hence, we decided to find a better solution. HoloTracker makes practicing holistic development simple and rewarding. With a simple, yet powerful tool, we can make holistic development a reality.

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